During this workshop, you will learn to recognize the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence. You will discover the importance of self-esteem and how to develop it within you. Self-Esteem has a significant impact on many essential employee outcomes, such as motivation, job satisfaction, work relationships, change management, organizational commitment, and overall job performance. Self-esteem affects our behaviour in both our professional and personal life. Therefore, by taking part in this workshop, we are helping our employees access tools that will help them to see their value and/or improve the way they perceive themselves. This will help them reach their full potential and improve their work performance.

During this workshop, many topics will be discussed:

  • Recognizing the duality that exists within us (Ego versus Heart).
  • Knowing your inner-self better.
  • The importance of “I am”.
  • The power of influence.
  • Learning to better express yourself in a positive and authentic way.
  • A visualization exercise to better connect with yourself.

SME’s and non-profit organizations can strongly benefit from participating in this workshop – employers and employees alike. By investing in the personal development and wellbeing of your employees (and yourself) you are directly investing in the success and performance of your business!