Looking for something unique to actively engage your team and break down silos? Looking for a fun, interactive, and strategic approach to close gaps in your team communications, address difficult topics, and raise the Leadership awareness of your team, while experiencing transformative growth?

The Leadership Discovery experience is the solution you are looking for!

Recent research from McKinsey reveals, “The tumult of the past year prompted many to reflect on their purpose and values and research shows over two-thirds of employees say their sense of purpose is defined by work.”

Imagine having your team highly engaged in an interactive roundtable experience that guides them to actively discover creative ways to connect and participate in working together with a stronger sense of purpose and productivity.

Transformation takes place through thought provoking exercises and questions that shed light on team member buy-in and leadership awareness. You will witness team dynamics in real time!

This two-hour in-person/online learning experience workshop will give you practical techniques to help you navigate leadership in this post pandemic era. This will benefit any group of people working together on a common goal.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to enhance capability in providing constructive feedback in an effective way
  • Discover open communication strategies that accelerate team accountability and productivity
  • Expand awareness of unspoken and subtle pain points with focus on practical solutions to relieve stress
  • Gain an understanding of the current trends as relates to leadership and employee retention in a post pandemic world
  • Identify 3 golden questions to help lead tough people and enable the entire workforce
  • Generate an executive recap and evaluation of the roundtable experience

This workshop is for you if are:

  • Passionate about great leadership and work-place culture that delivers positive results
  • You want to revisit and engage in open discussions with your team about growth
  • You are looking to discover ways to strengthen your team's capabilities
  • You want to be challenged and grasp proven leadership values and practices.