25-50% of time at work is not actually spent doing something of value. Most organizations evolve over time into vertical silos or functional groupings of tasks: HR, finance, manufacturing, operations, shipping, sales. All of these functional areas have their own priorities and deadlines. But, the value being created by the work done flows horizontally and not vertically. This is where the waste hides.

The waste, or non-value added work, is what makes the day hard, frustrating, and often demotivating. Eliminating the waste in your day-to-day processes isn’t nearly as difficult as first being able to see it and recognize it as waste. In this workshop, your team will:

  • learn the differences between functional and process focused organizations
  • be able to identify what value added work is, versus value enabling & pure waste
  • learn why simply adding more people or more capital never works to improve things
  • be introduced to all the forms of process waste and how to identify them
  • learn solutions to minimizing & even eliminating waste in your processes