Customer service and client facing workplaces have always grappled with the question of how to de-escalate difficult situations. This has only become more true since the pandemic. In this session, participants will learn a simple model for de-escalation, the origins of our emotional reactions to escalation and the active listening skills that will help calm a situation down before resolving it. Participants will take away a plan for de-escalation, helpful language to use when speaking to escalated clients or customers, a script for dealing with verbally abusive people and strategies for handing threats and violence if de-escalation does not work.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

• Define the CAR model for de-escalation

• Explain and manage their own reaction to an escalated situation

• Employ physical postures and listening skills for de-escalation

• Identify a list of effective phrases for de-escalating customers and clients

• Apply strategies for handling abuse or violence when de-escalation does not work

This workshop is for you if…

• you work in customer service

• you work in a client facing role

• you have to de-escalate client or customer situations in your workplace