Unity in Diversity: Building a Culture of Inclusion

This leadership and team series contains two workshop mini-series. Each one is designed to help elevate workplace culture through recognition of the value and contribution that diversity, equity, and inclusivity add to an organization. First, by identifying and understanding personal, team, and organizational key guiding principles, and then by using this learning to increase belonging, safety, and purpose by actively engaging in a collective applied learning project.

Module 1 (of 2): Cultural Impact Awareness: Values in the Workplace and Beyond

Workshop 1 (2 hours): Pillars of Purpose: Core Values as Cornerstones of Workplace Success


  • Participants will gain an understanding of personal cultural values as “guiding principles” and be introduced to the vital role they play in contributing to workplace culture.
  • Participants will identify their Core Values and pinpoint where and how they show up in life and in their organization.

Workshop 2 (2 hours): Beyond the Surface: The Influence of Values & Beliefs on Inclusive Practices


  • Participants will make connections between core values and their beliefs/influences and motivations in relation to their professional presence, performance, and cultural impact in the organizational workplace setting.
  • Participants will acknowledge the importance of being aware of core values by considering the impact that aligned and divergent values, beliefs, and motivations can have on workplace culture, and identify supportive ways to use this information.

Workshop 3 (2 hours): Charting the Course: Mapping the Journey of Personal Values and Organizational Culture


  • Participants will create a personal values map