Learn how you can make your business attractive to buyers, increase profits and reduce the time and effort you put into managing your small or medium sized business.

This three-hour online workshop teaches attendees what scares off buyers and how to employ a strategy to not only increase the value of a business in the eyes of a buyer but make more money and free up more time in the present.

The workshop is intended for current and future entrepreneurs. Students will learn Barnett’s 12+1 step program for systematizing a small business that is already operating day-to-day.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to buy or start a business or already own one.
  • You want to make your business more profitable.
  • You want to make your business easier to manage.
  • You want to increase your vacation and family time while being a business owner.
  • You want to ensure your business will sell quickly and for the best price when the time comes to sell.


  • What do buyers look for?
  • How are businesses valued?
  • What problems keep buyers from moving forward?
  • How can we make the business more attractive?
  • How can we implement business management systems quickly and easily with minimal interruption in our opertion?
  • David Barnett's Secret 12+1 step business systematization process.