Martin Haynes
Martin Haynes, Chair Vice-President of Government Programs and Corporate Secretary, Medavie Blue Cross

Martin Haynes is Vice-President of Government Programs and Corporate Secretary with Medavie Blue Cross. As such, he has overall responsibility for the administration of health programs and services for federal and provincial governments. Prior to this role he held senior positions within the organization, including Vice-President, Corporate Services and Vice-President,...

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"I joined the board of LearnSphere because I see the value the organization brings in developing the capacity of the many organizations and companies it works with. I view my role as bringing guidance to the organization through my board experience working with government and private sector organizations in transformation."

Dave Ferguson
Dave Ferguson, Treasurer Chair of the board of directors of Horizon Health Network

David Ferguson served for 39 years in the New Brunswick public service, with more than 16 years as deputy minister. He was named deputy minister of advanced education and labour in 1994. He served as deputy minister at the Office of the Solicitor General from 1998 to 2000; as deputy...

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Byron James
Byron James Clerk of the Executive Council and Secretary to Cabinet

Byron James was named Clerk of the Executive Council and Secretary to Cabinet on December 1st, 2010. Previous to that, Mr. James held the position of Deputy Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour since September 2008.

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George Perusse
George Pérusse Provincial Court Judge, New Brunswick

George Pérusse became a member of the New Brunswick Judiciary at age 27. He retired on April 30, 2012 after a 35 year career on the bench. As a member of the judiciary, he held various positions with the Provincial Court Judges Association of New Brunswick, namely education chairman, secretary-treasurer...

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“I joined the Board of LearnSphere because I like taking on new challenges. My skills in law and experience with Boards allow me to bring different points of view to the table as an administrative director on the LearnSphere Board.” 

Greg Machum
Greg Machum Entrepreneur and Independent Consultant

A native of Saint John, Greg obtained his BBA from UNB in 1979 and was immediately employed by the CA firm Ernst & Young where he excelled at providing client services as a staff consultant. While on a client assignment in Boston in 1984, Greg accepted the position of Chief...

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"I am involved with LearnSphere because of my interest in entrepreneurship, Information Technology, and New Brunswick businesses. I fully support the efforts of the training industry to build markets for their products and services here and around the world."

Donald G. Whitty
Donald G. Whitty VP, Training, Calian Group Ltd.

Donald Whitty, Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP), is a versatile training management professional with broad-ranging experience in planning, design, technology, training, leadership, collaboration, product development, deployment and operations.

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“I joined the Board of LearnSphere because I believe strongly in the NB learning sector. I bring many years of experience and a global view of training opportunities. I view my individual role as a chance to give back to a province and industry that has given me a lot in the last 30 years."

sherry prof photo
Sherry Scully Director, Learning & Organizational Development for the Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise

Sherry Scully is the Director, Learning & Organizational Development for the Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise.  In this role, Sherry leads initiatives under the mandate of the Marine People Partnership relating to human resources development. This mandate was derived to fulfill the human capital component of the value proposition for...

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“I joined the Board of LearnSphere because it presents an interesting model for connecting organizations to the learning and development opportunities that they need.   I bring experience in education, organizational development, and business which provides a holistic perspective on the organization’s activities. I view my individual role as contributing to ongoing growth of LearnSphere across the Atlantic region.”

E Christmas picture cropped edited
Eric Joseph Christmas Indigenous Entrepreneur

Eric Christmas has dedicated the entirety of his professional career to the advancement of aboriginal communities, corporations and institutions through a variety of private/public sector engagements. 

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"I joined the Board of LearnSphere because the opportunity to work with a non-profit organization that behaves and operates very much like a for-profit venture and in turn supports the SME community was overwhelming. LearnSphere truly draws upon the entrepreneurial skills and spirit of its board members and I am very excited to play a role in its continued success. I bring a unique skill set to LearnSphere that primarily includes direct business development within the First Nations communities. I view my individual role as enhancing the outreach of LearnSphere to the aboriginal community and perhaps one day replicating the model for our community."

Genoa Design32 square
Leonard Pecore Founder and Chair of the Board of Genoa Design International Ltd.

Leonard is Founder and Chair of the Board of Genoa Design International Ltd. He currently serves in business operations as Chief Business Development Officer. Leonard formed Genoa in 1995. Genoa provides 3D modeling and production engineering to the Shipbuilding and Offshore industries across North America and is a tier one partner in Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy’s non-combat program.

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"I joined the Board of LearnSphere because as an entrepreneur, I’m personally invested in helping Canadian SMEs grow and become successful. I see LearnSphere as an organization that can help and make a big different. I bring my entrepreneurial spirit, my experience through good times and tough times, and I bring the voice of an SME to the board. Officially, I also offer my experience and education as an ICD.D. and view my individual role as the fresh set of eyes on the board."

Rachelle Gagnon
Rachelle Gagon Vice-President of Group Insurance for Assumption Life

Rachelle Gagnon is the Vice-President of Group Insurance for Assumption Life, located in Moncton New Brunswick, Canada. She is responsible for all functions of the company’s line of business: sales, marketing, underwriting, administration, claims and customer service.

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