LearnSphere operates as a consortium of close to 50 independent Canadian companies and institutions, known as AssociatesTogether we represent a critical mass of content that fuels incremental business opportunities. We have proven that by pooling resources under one brand, we can produce results that would not be independently obtainable. 

LearnSphere's unique business model positions us to be both client-facing and on the front lines of delivery, to be the mechanism that brings together individual suppliers and the lead delivery partner. In short, LearnSphere is the glue. 

Our Lines of Business   

  1. Learning PracticeA wide range of learning and development programs aimed at building capacity within SMEs and non-profits.

  2. Program Administration: Administration of small-scale, strategic funding programs as a trusted government partner.  

  3. International Development: Export of our learning practice to fill global learning and development gaps in partnership with Global Affairs Canada and international financial institutions.  

Our Value Proposition

To our Associates (learning content suppliers and subject matter experts), we bring incremental business opportunities and enhanced market access. We seek opportunities for our Associates to contribute to projects greater than they could manage independently, and take them into markets that would otherwise be inaccessible.

To our clients (governments, businesses and international financial institutions), we are a single-window, one-stop shop that houses all the content, services and technology required to meet their workforce development needs. Instead of piecing together a patchwork of suppliers, clients can find the comprehensive solution they seek under the singular LearnSphere brand.

To our consumers (SMEs and non-profit organizations who become project and program participants), we offer top-quality, accessible, and practical learning and development solutions. 

LearnSphere's role is centered on business development and complete project management. Clients quickly recognize the value of working with an aggregator such as LearnSphere, while Associates see the real value of focusing on activity implementation and delivery while LearnSphere manages the complete project cycle. Consumers benefit from customized solutions that they use to grow and sustain their operations.  

Unique Business Model EN

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