Supply Chain 1-2-3: Sector Focuses


Ocean Technology & Defence

To support companies aiming to grow sales in the Ocean Technology and Defence sectors, content specific to the realities of those supply chains was developed.  A series of engaging, interactive workshops facilitated by experts with experience on both sides of the supply chain was capped off by a final simulated Meet the Buyer event, where companies networked and put new knowledge and skills to work.  This program was delivered in Atlantic Canada, and later expanded to British Columbia through a partnership with the Association of British Columbia Marine Industries and will be offered in Quebec in partnership with the Association of Davie Shipbuilding Suppliers, starting in late 2019.

Feedback from companies that participated in the program.

  • "The program was significantly more useful than we were initially expecting.  All seminars were presented by experts in their field, were relevant, and provided relevant examples to the group
  • "Built great connections and improved my overall knowledge and skill levels
  • The program provided valuable and practical information


Food & Beverage

To support Food and Beverage sector companies understand their value chain, and grow their sales within the region, and beyond, sector specific content was developedParticipating Atlantic Canadian companies gained new knowledge, skills and tools from facilitators with decades of experience selling and buying in the value chain. 

Feedback from participating companies on the valuable program takeaways.

  • "Understanding how the business works when you get beyond the farmers market, small independent shops level of marketing.  Getting the lingo that is used, the expectations of the customer vs the consumer."
  • "Having the whole selling process broken down into steps from supplier to consumer. And the action plan sheets were great!”
  • "How best to leverage my time when contacting clients and category managers, ideas on how to present." 

This project is made possible by the Government of Canada's Enabling Accessibility Fund.  


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