Our Inclusive Supply Chains product helps increase the access of small-scale enterprises - in developing countries in particular - to major industrial supply chains and markets.

LearnSphere teams up with partners from the private and public sectors to design and deliver projects aimed at improving market access and local procurement practices. We package unique solutions, including learning and tech transfers, to prime the supply side, while working to improve and enhance procurement practices on the demand side.

Our model is designed to ensure that small fish can swim in a big pool – even an ocean – and stand a chance of getting a bite of the bait. In practical terms, that means helping SMEs become better equipped to be part of the supply chain for major industrial and resource development projects, now and in the future. It also means working with large industrial players, key stakeholders and governments to ensure that the regulatory environment promotes active local procurement.

Here’s an example of how our Inclusive Supply Chain can reduce the negative impacts of resource development projects and promote stronger local economies, women’s empowerment and green solutions:

LearnSphere’s efforts to help SMEs rapidly improve their skills, positioning, knowledge and performance to become part of supply chains has attracted international attention. Our model is adaptable across industrial sectors – notably mining, agriculture, adaptation to climate change and green technologies – and has found application in Canada and around the world. 

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